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    Effects of Having a Low Income in the Family and How Brim 2018 Helps

    A low-income family is present in every nation all over the world. If you are not one of them, then it is something that you should thank for. Every day when you woke up, you won’t have to worry about anything starting from what to food to eat, how to pay for water and electric bills and a lot more. Unlike you, billions of family in the world have very low income and they have a difficulty in budgeting the limited amount of money that they have on their hand. This leads to several problems that if no one will be able to help, will make their condition much worse.

    Health and Medical Care

    Most of the low-income family have many health problems that include infant mortality, early mortality among adults and possible mental illnesses. Since they cannot afford healthy food for proper nutrition, this makes them susceptible to different diseases and infections. Most of the family with low income are uninsured or underinsured so they settle for those clinics and hospitals with poor services. Programs such as brim 2018 address this kind of problem in order to make sure that families will be healthy and free from different health problems.


    Many children that are in a low-income family cannot afford to go to school. They go to school with inadequate facilities and most of them cannot finish their schooling up to college. This lack of education restricts them and their future children to get a good job and they are stuck on the poverty line. This makes poverty a cycle across generations.


     Most of the family with low income are more likely to be homeless as compared to those with good income. This is coupled with lack of adequate housing program by the government which makes their situation much worse. 


    In order to meet the everyday needs, most of the family members that have a low income are involved in different crimes. Most of the individuals that are in jail have low income or poor backgrounds.

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