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    Romantic Quotes you must Say to you Girl

    Romantic messages anytime of the day can paint a smile on every girl’s face.  Here are some messages that would make you more romantic to the one you love most.  Learn more about love quotes for her on lifehacks.

    1. You are God’s gift to me. The answer to my prayer, and that all the days of my life, you’re the only one I will love.
    2. You are the reason my heart speaks to me after a long time… “She’s the one”.
    3. There are many good reasons to live, but the best is to spend a lifetime with you.
    4. Loving you is the best way to make my heart happy.
    5. Someone threw your heart,my heart told me to pick it up. Good thing I obeyed him.
    6. You hand fits to mine. See, they are purposely made for me.
    7. When I counted the stars, the sparks on them is nothing compared to the sparks and happiness every time you say YOU LOVE ME.
    8. I looked at the sky, I found beauty. I looked at you, I found love.
    9. Every day, I’ll keep on promising that I will walk with you hand in hand wherever our journey leads us.
    10. Once in my life I didn’t believe in soul mates. But you and your love made me believe.
    11. You should be wearing life vest all the time. Why? Because I’ll keep you drowning with my love.
    12. If I could just the stop the clock from moving when I’m with you, I’ll do.
    13. Every day I make a promise to you without you knowing it, that as long as I live, I’ll love you.
    14. God must be thinking of me when he created you.
    15. People asked me what’s my favorite place. I told them it’s in your heart.
    16. They may call me selfish, but I’m not gonna share you to anyone.
    17. Being with you is like facing a camera. I always make smile.
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