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    Personal Trainer Toronto Introducing Some Effective Methods For Boot Camp

    Short- Interval Training Method

    The short- interval training method is a type of training usually given to a female. There is a study in Australia where women are made to do a 12- second rest instead of the conventional 8- second rest. It was found out that this process increases the rate of losing some in the body. Prior to this, it is highly recommended that you do the 12- second rest in some of your workouts every week.Learn about Personal Trainer Toronto on yourhousefitness.com.

    "TT Addiction Workout Challenge" Method

    This method is adapted from the push-up challenged written and produced by Martin Rooney and the April 2010 Men's Health Magazine, respectively. In this method, you have to do push-ups as much as you can do for the whole duration of three minutes. You can rest up for 15 seconds but you need to continue until the whole 3 minutes is done. You can also use this method to other exercises such as bodyweight rows and bodyweight squats.

    It is important that even you do these methods, you must always practice the correct way. You can try hiring for personal trainers to do that. There are many online sites that are capable of providing you these services such as the Personal Trainer Toronto.

    Food Rules

    Aside from doing your daily exercise routine, it is also important that you take into account the foods that you are eating every day. You can use many references such as the Food Rules of Michael Pollan. Basically, the content of this book is all about the nutritional advice of what food to take when you are doing workouts. You need only to follow these instructions for a more optimal result. In addition, you need to take into account a number of foods you are eating. Try eating leafy foods to lose some of those belly fats.

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