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    Tips in Using Credit Cards for Emergency

    We are all encouraged to set aside emergency fund every month so we will always be ready in whatever unexpected situation that will come along.  But despite on how big our emergency funds are, there are really situations that call us to use our credit card.  For example, your car breaks down and you are short on cash.  Having a credit card would save you from this tough situation. Learn more about Lowes Credit Card on onlinecashadvance.

    Common disasters can also strike anyone at any time. According to some advisers, you should have at least one emergency credit card on hand.  And how do you choose the right credit card for emergencies? Here’s are things you should know to choose them right.

    1.  Pick the right credit card. Pick something that offers points and rewards. They could be very helpful especially on discounts. Compare the interest rates among banks, annual fees, as well as terms.
    2. Make sure that it is really an emergency. Before you use your emergency credit card, see to it that it is really an emergency. The Lowe’s Credit Card could be of great help in times like this. Lowes Credit Card helps you to shop materials for repairing your house of office in an urgent manner with friendly Lowes Credit Card Payment terms.
    3. Keep your credit card in good standing. It’s good that you have a good credit reputation with regards to your credit card so that in times of emergency, you won’t experience difficulty of using your card. 
    4. Get updates with your bill. When you didn’t receive your bills on the following month, feel free to contact the customer service so that you will know how much are your dues.
    5. Don’t use your card for other purposes. It’s so tempting to buy the beautiful dress or fabulous bag in the mall especially if you have credit card. Discipline yourself. Buying that bag or shoes is not urgent.






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