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    Charles Rosier Professional Experience

    Charles Rosier is known for actively supporting different humanitarian causes and environmental causes. Yet, he has also known as an expert in the field of investment banking. His portfolio positioned him to be one of the trusted persons in ethical investment. Learn more about Charles Rosier on crunchbase.

    Professional portfolio

    Before Rosier entered the banking industry, he acquired his knowledge from different prestigious schools. It prepared him to become an expert in the field. He attended Fénelon Sainte-Marie secondary school and ESCP Europe. He took science A-levels in the former and finished a degree in the latter.

    He joined several companies where he was entrusted to hold high positions. The companies include Lehman Brothers, UBS Warburg, Goldman Sachs and BTG Pactual.

    1. Lehman Brothers - He started his career in this company in 1996. It's where he learned the ins and outs of the banking industry.

    2. UBS Warburg - In 1997, he joined this company. He was entrusted to work as the manager of the Debt Capital Markets division.

    3. Goldman Sachs - After 12 years, Rosier joined this company. He was assigned as the Managing Director of the financing group. His specific assignment was to take charge the capital markets and the derivatives.

    4. BTG Pactual - This Brazilian company hired Rosier as a partner in 2010. His main role is to help the company in developing its operations and relations within Europe, Africa and Asian Region. The company also extends its relationship within the Middle East.

    Social responsibility

    Charles Rosier believes that every professional should be socially responsible. So, he pursued joining humanitarian causes and environmental causes. He invested in different projects including MPOWERD and Mapreg's project. In the MPOWERD, the project aims to produce solar-powered lanterns that will help developing countries for light-related concerns. In the Mapreg project, the company aims to produce drugs that treat strokes.

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