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    All About The Two: arlo pro vsarlo

    The advancement of technology found its way to make our living better in a lot of ways. For instance, we have the devices that could accommodate the internet connection, giving us the option to make transactions and even talk to people halfway across the world. The technology nowadays can act as protection too and that is what the surveillance camera can do. Having this installed can be a great way to monitor around suitable places and it could help a lot in many instances. Here we are to compare the camera models arlo pro and arlo original. Learn more about arlo pro vs arlo on this site.

    Similar Attributes

    First, they’re both wire free. One of the most common things with these types of camera is that they are difficult to install since there are wires to hide away in order to prevent such wires to be cut. With the arlo products, this wouldn’t be the case. When it comes to arlo pro vs arlo both models have a water resistance attribute which tells the customers that these products are indeed durable in almost every condition. Both of the models have the 720p HD video quality and an IR night vision. Such attributes make the viewing of videos easier and more definite that even during the night, things are being captured. Both models also contain the free cloud storage, same response time, and the accommodation of other systems within the device.

    The Differences

    There are more advantages of the arlo pro since the creation of this came after the original one. The original arlo is not rechargeable while the other one is. Alro pro also has the awesome two-way talk feature as well. The motion alerts here are done with an advanced sensor while the original one only has the basic type. The field of view for the pro is also wider by 20 degrees.

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