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    A Citizen’s Eligibility to the Program brim 2018

    Every citizen has their respective financial income. Although, it varies depending on their field of expertise. If you happen to be a high-end worker like Chief Executive Officer or Engineer, you might be enjoying ten to hundreds of thousands worth of salary grade. But not everyone is lucky enough to break through such fields. Some people are not fortunate enough to be able to work or reach that kind of salary grade.

    You can observe this kind of scenario in every country.The scenario is highly observable in third world countries such as Malaysia. You can see the obvious gap between the rich and the less fortunate. Some programs and policies were created to help those of less fortune. These programs aim to make the situation better for them. Aside from better job and policies, financial aids are also provided for the less fortunate.

    Let’s consider how Malaysia addresses the situation. The Malaysian government devised a financial aid program. It is a program to be continued this upcoming 2018. The program is called brim 2018. It aims to provide financial aid to less fortunate Malaysian citizen. But how can a citizen be eligible under the financial aid?


    To be able to qualify for the said program, there are guidelines to assure eligibility. It is a government-funded program and needs to be handled carefully. We are going to give you the requirements needed.

    You are eligible to apply for the financial aid program if you are a male or female serving as the head of the household. You can be a senior citizen, single parent, a single person with dependents, or even married but not fortunate enough to be able to suffice their duties and responsibilities. It is also important to take note that – to be eligible, the household head’s income won't exceed more than 4,000 Malaysian Ringgit.

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